Darwin city | East Point Reserve Park Australia


    East Point Reserve Park in Fannie Bay in Tropical Darwin Northern Territory Australia
    • Darwin is the capital city of Northern Territory Australia.

    Going to East point is a must for every tourist. The walk, drive or ride down East Point Road is a memorable one. With stylish houses on the right and stunning seascapes on the left.

    What To See At East Point - Darwin Nothern Territory Australia.
    You can go there for a day or an hour. East Point offers a miltary museum., the famous Lake Alexander for swimming, BBQ areas, a large playground for children and some of the most stunning views in all Darwin.

    Catch the Darwin Bus Line it's convienant and cheap.
    It will stop in the area of the East Point Road around the Cool Spot Cafe around the corner also from the old Darwin Goal.
    Weekday services to most areas run at least every half hour. Services on weekends and public holidays are less frequent but still regular and reliable.
    Darwin's public buses also run regularly to and from the Royal Darwin and Darwin Private Hospitals and Charles Darwin University.
    Cool Spot Cafe - this Darwin Icon also has fantastic views from the tables. A good spot to wait for someone or the bus.

    Drive down to East Point - Darwin Nothern Territory Australia.
    The drive down the road is very easy for our motorhome clients. Just be careful the views are distracting.
    Notice the speed limit is 60klm and further down once you enter the entranc there are numerous speed humps which are man made rises in the road to slow traffic down.

    Depending on the tide you will notice the shades of blue in the waters. these colours can change from pastel blues to occassion vibrant green's at East point Reserve in Darwin Nothern Territory Australia.
    East Point Lake Alexander has everything you need for that picnic, swim or just relaxed on a rug and watch the sky pass by.


    The famous Darwin Rocksitters Club
    The East point Reserve in Darwin Nothern Territory Australia is home to the famous Darwin Rocksitters Club. If you are there on a Saturday evening feel free to join the Rocksitters' club.
    Welcome to the Darwin Rocksitters Club Established in 1974, still sitting every Saturday East Point Reserve Darwin NT Australia 6pm onwards BYO.
    What made Rocksitting so unique was that due to Darwins 7 metre tides the “Rock” would be a metre underwater at high tide, this ensured that only the hardiest of drinkers would earn the right to become a Rocksitter!


    No Camping at East Point Reserve
    There is no camping allowed at East Point and fines apply. Often you will see backpacker selfdrive campervans camping though rangers are frequently requesting them to move on.

    The cycle path at the entrance to East point Reserve in Darwin Nothern Territory Australia.
    There is a bit of a hill on the way from Darwin city centre just before where the museum is situated.
    The ride here takes about an hour plus.
    Darwin Map Link Courtesy of DDC


    Darwin - East Point at certain times of the years comes alive with the flora and even fauna.
    Depending on tides you will see the beach just before the entrance gates to Darwin East Point.
    A local haunt as the BBQ are just back from it and also Lake Alexander is on the other side of the road only 100meters away for the family to swim in.
    East Point Reserve in Darwin Nothern Territory Australia.

    The gates nowdays close at 11pm so the nightlights of Darwin clearly visible from east Pont is also a delight to see.
    At the end of East point if you look directly across the harbour you will see the sleeping town of Mandorah.
    A secret getaway with the Darwin locals.
    There is a ferry that will take you across and back from Cullen Bay.
    The start of East Point is the Alec Fong Lim Drive, East Point


    The drive down East Point Road is amazing especially in November when the flowers are their brightest.
    In the parklands at the end of East Point behind the Gun Emplacements there were at one numerous Wallabies many years ago.
    Which came out to graze cautiously at Dusk.


    East Point Reserve Park in Tropical Darwin Northern Territory Australia

    Lake Alexander after a day of touring Darwin this is a favourite spot for many of our clients to stop and just relax for a while.

    Drive down East Point Road to the end and veer right for another 1klm and the museum is opposite the gun emplacements.

    East Point Road, East Point
    Tel: (08) 8981 9702.

    Bill's Reminising!!! There is a steel tower of around 6m on the left. This was the anchor point for the steel submarine nets that stretched right across the harbour to Talc head in WW11. After the war the net was stored near the carpark. One net link was around 300m and you would 'bust a gut' to pick it up. The japese bought it for scrap metal in around 1965. Carl Atkinson was commissioned to remove the ships out of the harbour that was bombed and the net. (Including the 3SQx2m bouys)

    This small but interesting military museum, which displays mainly displays from on the World War 11 including the 'Bombing of Darwin' by the Japanese, is situated in a gun command post at East Point Reserve in Darwin Nothern Territory Australia.

    On display inside and outside are armoured vehicles, historical weapons, videos along with a vast display of orginal photo's, Japanese swords and other pieces from this era.

    Also the view from east is amazing right back to the Skycity Casino Resort, along Mindel Beach with the numerous yachting gentlt bobbing up and down in the whislt moored outside the darwin Sailing Club.

    After the museum you can drive further down the road around another 150 meters before it turns into a T Junction to East point Reserve in Darwin Nothern Territory Australia..

    Left is a no thru road and the right the same but they are nice spot to park get out and take a few photograph's.