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  • Fannie Bay Gaol Museum in Darwin


    Fannie Bay Gaol Museum in Darwin Northern Territory Australia
    Darwin is the capital city of Northern Territory Australia.
    Fannie Bay Gaol Museum was Darwin's original penal institution in Fannie Bay is now a museum since 1982. Since 1882/3 The old gaol with its crude facilities and a chilling old gallows section is a grim reminder of what life in the gaol was like. The museum houses the old gallows used for the last execution in the Northern Territory in 1952.The Fannie Bay Gaol was still in use until 1979, when the Berrimah Gaol some 30km away was officially opened.
    Located at Gradual bend/Corner of East Point Road and the start of Dick Ward Drive(some say Ross Smith Avenue) in Fannie Bay. Not hard to miss as it's is surrounded by multi-million residences. If your driving or walking back from East Point Reserve then it's on ther other side of the road around the bend and approx. 40 metres along. In the picture of the right you will see the general area. Open daily from 10 am to 5 pm and is free of charge. Ph 08 89998290