Fort Hill Wharf Darwin Australia

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    Darwin Fort Hill Wharf in Northern Territory Australia
    Darwin is the capital city of Northern Territory Australia.

    Actually as you drive down the road from the city centre you come to a T-nstection in the road where the newly built Convention Centre is in front of you.
    The road on the left goes to Stokes Hill Wharf where there is Cafes, restaurants, shops, and more.
    Turning right onto Kitchener Drive, Wharf Precinct, Darwin takes you to the Iron Ore Wharf and around 400meters past this wharf is the gates to Fort Hill Wharf on the left.

    Fort Hill Wharf - Visiting Interstate and International luxury cruise ships berth at Fort Hill Wharf, and public access to the wharf is denied.

    Whilst these ships are in port. As yet, a passenger terminal has not been built on Fort Hill Wharf, however the NT Government has pledged a new terminal to be completed in the future. Courtesy of the Port of Darwin.

    Port of Darwin - Offical Web Site

    Cruises leaving frequently from the Wharf Precinct, catering for small exclusive groups or larger groups.

    Stokes Hill Wharf - this is what is called our main wharf where there is fishing, restaurants, eateries and tourist retail shops.

    Through the opening on the photo on the left there are 2 eateries and 2 restaurants.

    Need money a ATM is next to the train and there are public toliets at the end.

    Once at the end of the wharf you look across some 200 metres to Fort Hill Whard where the luxury Passenger Cruise ships dock.

    Iron Ore Wharf - This is our third wharf in the harbour group. (Photo taken 2007 - for updates on this wharf contact Tourism Top End - visitor information centre)