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    Royal Darwin Public Hospital and Darwin Private Hospital Northern Territory Australia

    Royal Darwin Hospital at Casuarina

    Darwin Hosptial Private
    Rocklands Drive Casuarina NT 0810 Australia
    Tel: +61 (0)8 8920-6011

    Actually it's the first hostip[al as you drive in on the left. Now for our motorhome clients parking can be limited even with their large carparks- you may have to go up a bit further.

    Sigange: Is is everywhere to get you to the hospital.


    St John Ambulance Northern Territory

    Did you know - St John Ambulance Northern Territory at Events offers Emergency First Aid Services ? providing first aid service at public events and during emergencies throughout Australia.

    St Johns

    Sport Therapists, Traditional Medicine Practicioners, Chiropractic Centres

    Being on the doorstep to Asia we have an abundance of Traditional Medicine Practicioners

    Also we have the more known professionals of Sport Therapists, Chiropractic Centres in Darwin.

    Telstra directory Assistance on - Teleohone 1223 or find a local Yellow Pages. Or ask the nearest folks to you when in Darwin

    One we often use is Nightcliff Chrioractic centre Tel +61(0) 8 89853144

    Another we heer about is this one pictured right on vanderlin Drive near Casuarina Shopping Centre.

    Dentist: Nightcliff Dental Surgery has friendly reception and a great dentist from our experience. Actually situated where the Nightcliff Markets is located. 8-9 km from CBD

    Nightcliff Dental Surgery
    6 Pavonia Place
    NIGHTCLIFF NT 0810 - More...
    Tel: 08 89851668

    Doctors: Fannie Bay Medical Clinic at Fannie Bay Shopping Centre. 5km from CBD. He always cracks a joke yet within 30 seconds always has the answer to an aliment it seems. Extremeley booked out but he has other doctors there such as Dr. Sarah Giles and a few other great medical professionals. Even done to the friendly counter staff such as Lynn.

    Our winner for service goes to Dr Richard Giese
    Fannie Bay Medical Clinic, Fannie Bay Shopping Centre.
    Tel 89 413 729