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  • Parap Markets on Saturday mornings in Darwin


    Parap Markets on Saturday mornings in Darwin

    These girls create a liquid masterpiece.

    The Darwin smoothie. It's unreal watching them take 8-10 orders of many ingredients and make them at the same time.

    The smoothie is a treat for all our guests when visiting Parap - Andre' from Holland just loved those smoothies.

    The Parap Village Market is one of Darwin 's longest running markets, and is considered by many as the ideal meeting place to meet or to have brekky or a tasty snack together. This vibrant and colourful market place will enthrall you with its diverse food styles, arts and crafts and its busy but relaxed atmosphere. Parap Markets encourage local arts and craftspeople.

    Situated in the Parap Village Shopping Precinct off Parap Road the market operates every Saturday of the year between 8am - 2pm. Parking has recently increased and a car park on Parap Road is available for gold coin dontation. Toilet facilities are available. For further information, phone 0438 882 373 or 8942 0805.

    The Food

    Is mostly asian and mostly sensational. There is a large range of finger foods at $2.20 to $3.00 and meal size for $6.00-8.00. There is such a choice it should satisfy anyone.

    Our personal favourite is little Mary's Asian Laksa stall opposite the coffee stall. Fantastic soup such as wonton (mild as you want the taste to be) to laksa as hot as you want it. All you do is tell Mary -Rob and Marg sent you and order the way you like it from sweet taste to chilly hot.

    Parking is abreeze for 4wd's and motorhomes though you may consider to go early to get a parking space for such vehicles. We always go ourselves at 7.30am. Motorhomes can park easily at the front of the markets or the side street where the roundabout is in front of the shops there. Parking has recently increased and a car park on Parap Road is available for gold coin dontation run by the Darwin Ladies Quota Club - all volunteers so be extra nice to these folks please.

    If you want a present this store would have to be one of our favourites.

    We first meet Jan at the Craft Festival last year and now see her at parap Saturday morning markets every week.

    Anne offers excellent service and the product is excellent. Now Marg is so fussy on the quality of clothes she buys. She bought a number of T-shirts for her nieces and a year later they still look like the just came out of the cupboard even with all the embossing.

    Bill's Reminising!!!
    Parap is actually Paraparap but we shortened it around the 1960's to Parap. It means Black Cockatoo in the Aboriginal langauge.

    Parap Markets are situated in the Parap Village Shopping Precinct off Parap Road The market operates every Saturday between 8.00 am - 2.00 pm.

    A large range of Asian foods, along with some local cherish favourites such as our crepe stall. An absolute amazing selection of foods and a real local hunt. The Parap Village Market is one of Darwin 's longest running markets is in the inner suburb of Parap.

    Toilet facilities are available towards the end of the market. For further information, phone 0438 882 373. Buses from the city go direct to the market.

    Tables are scarce but, once located, very pleasant.

    The tables come out around 7.45am and it pays to be early to get one. they are down the back near the gem and flower stall, near the chemist and out back near the band.

    the photo on the left is the side lane to the band Jabiru (when they are there) and also Ray's art stall.

    Rare and Semi Precious and Precious Gems - Yes even Parap Market has a gem stall. hidden down the back near the flower stand. This chap is renowned in Darwin for cutting stones for a famous world renowned jeweller - just ask him.

    I have one of our tour clients 'Greg and Michelle from USA' purchased a rare stone from him and found out his prices and qualities were the same as what they bought in South America from the mines suppliers direct.

    Aboriginal Art: Sometimes there are 2-3 ladies who set up down this side lane and they start painting orIginals around 9am. If they are there get in quick for an order and everytime I have tried to buy one we get beaten by hungry for art viewers nearby.

    The price last time I saw them as they are not always there was around $50+. Excellent for the wall at home or a present. As they are painted on the spot they are obviously not framed.

    Now out the back of Parap Market is another stall near the Indian restaurant. Here is a friend of ours.

    Ray Reeves works in heavy oil in the colours of yellow, red and black and they suit any decor. Ray also has a large range of art from Broome and Cairns really worth 30 minutes just looking through it all.

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