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    Police, Northern Territory Emergancy Services, Hospitals, and Ambulance services in Darwin Northern Territory Australia
    If your on our of clients visiting and travelling the Darwin or if your one of our clients coming here to live and retire, live and work then folks take a look at the excellent services here to support you and your darwinian lifestyle whilst your here.

    The Police in the community

    Police in the community: Police carry out the full range of duties around Darwin and suburbs. There are three stations and administrative centre within the city bounds. www.nt.gov.au

    The Peter McAulay Centre at Berrimah - contains the administrative and several specialist areas and is the communications centre for the Police, Fire and Emergency Services Tri-Service. http://www.pfes.nt.gov.au/

    Headquarters, Darwin Police Station - is in the Central Business District and contains the watch house. http://www.pfes.nt.gov.au/

    The Casuarina Station - on Bradshaw Terace near the banks behind the Casuarina Shopping centre next to the banks. http://www.pfes.nt.gov.au/

    The Nightcliff Police Station - on the side of the Nightcliff Markets area

    Telephone 000 for emergancies. If your enquiry is not of a emgancy nature then consider ringing the nearest station to you. Telstra directory Assistance on 1223

    NTES - Police, Fire and Emergency Services Tri-Service.

    Headquarters -
    Police, Fire and Emergency Services Tri-Service. Headquarters is also situated at the Peter McAulay Centre at Berrimah.

    NTES Volunteer Units also developed from Civil Defence origins. Volunteer members are registered under the provisions of the Disasters Act and support their communities through training and preparing to respond to specific emergency situations identified in the local counter disaster plan. In some communities, where the establishment of a formal volunteer unit is impractical, registered volunteers are trained and equipped for limited response capability in support of the Local Counter Disaster Controllers (OICs). There are currently 26 formally registered volunteer units and 11 emergency response groups within the Northern Territory.

    Personal Note: On The NTES

    I have had staff (Mark very dedicated chap) who were members of the NTES and I must say they really are dedicated - As we live in a cyclonic area we don't realise how inportant these ladies and men are till the day a cyclone visits us. If you wish to join here is the offical web site. www.nt.gov.au

    Fire Stations

    Fire & Rescue Service-Fire Station (Parap/Woolner)

    • Marrara (Casuarina/Airport region)
    • Fire Police, Alawa, NT 810
    • Fire & Rescue Service-Fire Station, Palmerston, NT 831
    • Gray Fire Station (Palmerston region)
    • Elizabeth Valley Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade, Noonamah, NT 837
    • Livingstone Volunteer Bushfire Brigade Inc, Livingston, NT 822

    This is the outback where you don't just rescue cats from a tree.

    Royal Darwin Hosptial (Public)
    Tel: +61 (08) 8922 8888 - +61 (08) 8922 8286
    Email: rdh.ths@nt.gov.au
    Rocklands Drive, Tiwi PO Box 41326, Casuarina NT 0811
    Largely due to the remoteness, scattered population and the absence of alternative health care providers, Northern Territory public hospitals have had to provide numerous non acute services to their communities.

    Darwin Hosptial Private
    Rocklands Drive Casuarina NT 0810 Australia
    Tel: +61 (0)8 8920-6011
    Actually it's the first hostip[al as you drive in on the left. Now for our motorhome clients parking can be limited even with their large carparks- you may have to go up a bit further.
    Signage: Is is everywhere to get you to the hospital.

    Royal Darwin Hospital at Casuarina

    St John Ambulance Northern Territory
    Did you know - St John Ambulance Northern Territory at Events offers Emergency First Aid Services ? providing first aid service at public events and during emergencies throughout Australia.
    St Johns

    Sport Therapists, Traditional Medicine Practicioners, Chiropractic Centres
    Being on the doorstep to Asia we have an abundance of Traditional Medicine Practicioners
    Also we have the more known professionals of Sport Therapists, Chiropractic Centres in Darwin.
    Telstra directory Assistance on - Teleohone 1223 or find a local Yellow Pages. Or ask the nearest folks to you when in Darwin
    One we often use is Nightcliff Chrioractic centre Tel +61(0) 8 89853144
    Another we heer about is this one pictured right on vanderlin Drive near Casuarina Shopping Centre.

    Dentist: Nightcliff Dental Surgery has friendly reception and a great dentist from our experience. Actually situated where the Nightcliff Markets is located. 8-9 km from CBD

    Nightcliff Dental Surgery
    6 Pavonia Place
    NIGHTCLIFF NT 0810 - More...
    Tel: 08 89851668

    The Police in the community

    Personal Note: On The Darwin Police

    We have a large number of personal friends (retired forsenic, school based police, patrol officers, detectives and so on) in the force and we know that the force is a highly sought after job here - if you want a career you should consider looking at the Northern Territory Police as a career they have Patrol Constables to Detectives to Forensics. One of the great careers is the Police auxiliaries who are sworn members of the police force, carrying out a number of specialised roles, including communications, front counter duties, security and police support functions.

    The recruiting office on (08) 8985 8908 or email pfesrecruitment@pfes.nt.gov.au to request a recruiting information and application pack which will be posted to you.

    Some text of this is courtesy of www.nt.gov.au - Other text is our personal unoffical opinions

    Doctors: Fannie Bay Medical Clinic at Fannie Bay Shopping Centre. 5km from CBD. He always cracks a joke yet within 30 seconds always has the answer to an aliment it seems. Extremeley booked out but he has other doctors there such as Dr. Sarah Giles and a few other great medical professionals. Even done to the friendly counter staff such as Lynn.

    Fannie Bay Medical Clinic, Fannie Bay Shopping Centre.
    Tel 89 413 729