Tourism Top End

  • Darwin Esplanade Credits M Christie


    Visiting Darwin then stop in at Tourism Top End


    The Tourism Top End (TTE) shop is on new premises 2007 on the corner of Bennett and Smith Street (opposite the Smith Street Mall).

    A special thanks from all of us at Australia 4 Wheel Drive Rentals to TTE they has been so supportive of us business over the years. Also our own thanks to Sylvia Wolfe our president of TTE for the many years of dedication to establish our new premise.

    Yes....... It's our association that offers a free information service to our selfdrive travellers into the Territory. Representing some 445 full members and 1000 associated members it has a wealth of information and tours and accomodation at it's finger tips to help you when you come to Darwin.

    Our favourite person Alana at Tourism Top End


    You really can't start your journey out from Darwin without going here. The girls Lisa, Rebecca and Michelle (also Darren not pictured) are really just so pleasant.
    They also have maps free information sheets on the falls, treks, walks, aboriginal art and parks.
    If you want a fishing trip, standby accommodation or a day tour or anything they are a great place to start when your in Darwin.
    This would have to be one of the best Visitor Information Centre's in Australia.

    These ladies are our associations ambassadors for tourism information and their service, friendliness and professionalism is all you hope could hope for and expect.

    Even during our grand opening the girls were helping folks walking in looking for information on Darwin - at Tourism Top End


    The previous Tourism Top End office was located on Mitchell Street till Saturday November 24th, 2007
    You will see this logo throughout our website. It indicates the holder is an Accredited Tourism Business. It certifies that the relevant Tourism Top End and Katherine Region Tourist Association Members for tour operator businesses have successfully completed the requirements of the Australian Tourism Accreditation Standard and is an accredited tourism business.

    Tourism Top End - the closed old buidling on Mitchell Street.



    There are exciting times ahead as Tourism Top End turns a page in history this week as the Association moves to their new premises on the corner of Bennett and Smith Street (opposite the Smith Street Mall).

    The new centre is located in the heritage-listed Reserve Bank Building that was constructed in 1966/67 and provides a particularly fine example of the late twentieth century stripped classical architectural style. The building is a reminder of the role that the Reserve Bank of Australia played in the development of a centralized banking and monetary control system in Australia.

    Tourism Top End identified this site as a premier and strategic location for the Visitor Centre that will create an activity node that is complementary to the Darwin Waterfront and the Convention Centre. The building provides a great welcome to Darwin for our visitors who will gain a pictorial snapshot of the Top End Region on entry to the new centre from the dramatic and evocative images displayed. The Centre will provide extensive and vital information for visitors that will ensure that their visit to the Top End is fulfilled. It will also offer extensive information that covers the whole of the NT for the self-drive market.