The Esplanade in Darwin

  • Darwin Esplanade Credits M Christie


    The Esplanade overlooking Darwin Harbour in Darwin Northern Territory Australia

    The Esplanade overlooking Darwin Harbour with approx. 3klm of paved walk ways surrounded by lush green lawns and palms.

    There are many places of interest such as the 200 Territorians On the cliff top running parallel to the Esplanade is a series of commemorative tiles dedicated to 200 typical Territorians.
    They are not all famous figures, but they all performed jobs upon which the Territory relied.
    There are people such as Ah Toy's, the greengrocers from which vegetables were shipped all over the ‘Top End' by air freight.
    There are stockmen and missionaries, politicians and aboriginal leaders.
    Then there is Eddie Connellan, who ran the Territory airline Connair (unofficial motto, ‘There's no tellin' with Connellan'), and many other colourful characters.

    There is also the World War 11 reminders of what darwin experience many years ago. From the Espanade at the end it adjoins the road past the Administrators House.
    As you walk or drive alond the esplanade you look out over to darwin Harbour and often you see large Live Cargo ships, Luxury passenger Ships and even Oil Rig Platforms coming and going thru the habour. 'Only in Darwin'.

    As always so hard to get lost as the Esplanade is virtually a striaght strip of land for app. 3klm until it bends around Government House to the back of the bus terminal general area.

    The Esplanade as it gently bends around Parliament House.
    Then up past the Administrators office and Dameo Ra Pathway steps
    The Esplanade then continues on and becomes Harry Chan Avenue where it is known mainly as the offices for Darwin City Council. Just after Smith Street finishes at.

    The Esplanade the there is a noticable picturesque shaded road veering off right down the hill.

    This is Hughes Road and leads to the Wharf Precinct. At the bottom of this road turn left for Stokes Hill Wharf and the cafes or right for Fort Hill Wharf.